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a Texas City sprinkler repair tech has finished the adjustement on a sprinkler headThere are only two reasons that you might have a Texas City sprinkler system. One, it was on the property when you moved in or two, you purchased it to make your landscape look better and save you time. In either case, you need a Texas City sprinkler repair team to keep it running like new. A sprinkler system will continue to run even when it isn't in tip top shape. This could result in you spending more money on irrigation every month than you should. Your watering bill will slowly increase and your yard will start to look worse and you'll be none the wiser as to why.

We have over 25 years of experience fixing systems just like yours. We can make a couple simple adjustments to your sprinkler heads or drip lines to make your system run just like new. It won't take us more than a few hours and the difference in your water bill and the look of your lawn could be quite dramatic.

Fixing A Wide Variety Of Sprinkler Heads Is Our Specialty

one of our sprinkler pros is replacing a sprinkler headYou may not realize just how much difference a single small change makes. Our Texas City sprinkler repair team has shown homeowners these minor adjustments and how they can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a summer. The reason is that every single component is reliant on the one before it. If on sprinkler head isn't delivering the correct water pressure, all of the heads down the line will be off as well. That means a single clogged head or improperly aimed nozzle could cause your system to underperform. That's how you get a patchy lawn.

If you are calling us for a maintenance service, good call. We'll start with a simple check of all of your existing sprinkler heads, sensors, backflow device, and valve box as well as your controller and any other peripherals you may have. If there are sprinkler heads that need to be replaced, that will be done first. A bad head can throw off our pressure readings so we fix that before anything else. Sometimes we don't have to replace the bad pop-up head, it can just be cleaned and oiled to make it work good as new. Dirt and debris can get lodged up in the nozzle (grass clippings do that all the time) and a quick clean out fixes it without the need for a $10 part.

Having Happy Clients is What Counts For Us!

We never thought that we could have such a low water bill, but after we decided to contact these truly professionals sprinkler repair guys, we are more than with our beautiful backyard.

Lissa J.

My lawn was terrible, brown/yellow spots everywhere. So I decided to call Jake and within the hour he was at my door. Now, one week later, I understood that those clogged heads were my problem because my lawn looks amazing! Thank You Jake!

Sara M.

Our water bill was kinda high and our lawn was not looking that great, so we decided to contact a Texas City sprinkler repair company. After we scheduled the service, the team arrived and with some really high-tech tools, managed to find a bunch of broken pipes leaking all over. Two weeks later our lawn is back in shape and our water bills are as low as they can be. We highly recommend them!

John S. & Lilly

Professional Maintenance & Sprinkler Repair In Texas City TX

Alt TextOnce your sprinkler heads look good, we can start chasing down other problems you might be having. Say you have had an unexpectedly large water bill. Maybe one of your delivery lines has cracked. We can determine that with a pressure check and then find the leak without digging thanks to our electronic leak detector. This speeds up our diagnostic time 100% and lets us get to the trouble areas without making an archaeological dig site. If we are still having trouble after taking the electronic detector over the area, we can run our video snake through the lines to find out exactly what is causing the problem in there. Often times I is a pesky tree root.

Whether you need a sprinkler repair or are just looking for a new irrigation maintenance team, our Texas City sprinkler repair company is here for you. We can diagnose problems fast and get your system running like it did when it was first installed (sometimes even better). Call us for an appointment today.

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